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Injection Molding

Inpres invests only in the best machinery offerings in the industry for manufacturing speed and reliability.  We have invested millions of dollars in quick mold change systems and automation to yield the highest manufacturing efficiencies possible on a 24/7 work week.


We have 33 machines ranging from 110 to 2000 US tons with an average age of only 4 years.

  • Stock Resin Supply

    • Impact and Random Copolymer Polypropylenes
    • Low and High Density Polyethylenes
    • Thermoplastic Elastomers - TPE & TPA
    • Engineered Resins: ABS, PC/ABS, PP/Mica...
  • Automated Material Handling

    Resin delivery is fully automated from silo, through blending, into the machine. An operator selects material via a touchscreen and selected resin is automatically conveyed to loader.  We then gravimetrically blend materials and further convey to the press without the need to manually change any hoses for different sources of materials.

  • Quick Mold Change

    Whether 450 lbs. or 45,000 lbs. our machines are equipped with quick mold change, magnetic platens. We eliminate the need for all mold clamps, in turn reducing set-up costs and passing that savings to our customers. Combined with automated KO connections and manifold fed water connections we yield fast 'good part to good part' changeovers.

  • Multi Material Molding

    In multi-component molding resins with different properties are combined to a single part to improve aesthetics or functionality. Two-shot molding, co-injection, and hard-soft combinations of thermoplastics are all variations of multi-component molding.

  • White Room

    A white room is a lower cost alternative for products not requiring clean room and controls, but still yielding a high quality, virtually clean room quality product.


    Our 10,000 ft2 white room contains both an injection molding area as well as separate assembly area.

  • Equipment List

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